The Most Awesome Song Ever Heralds the Beginning of the Trump Personality Cult – Make America Great Again

Red was privileged to see the beginning of the Trump Personality Cult.  It’s actually been longer coming than Red expected, but Trump is new to politics and you can’t expect him to have really starting heavy lifting on his political deification – what with all the winning and all.  It’s one thing to Tweet to your followers and have giant pictures of yourself on the wall (thank you House of Saud).  But to really get your followers whipped up into a Trumpian frenzy what do you need?  Some protestors to beat up? Satisfying, but no.  Some fake news to trash? Too easy, so no.  Some main stream media types to beat up?  Much better, but still no.  Some glamorous but necessarily incompetent family members to fawn over?  Well that’s helpful, but not quite enough, so no.

What you need is a SONG!  And here it is – Make America Great Again.  Soon every patriotic American will be waking up to this catchy tune on their iPhone.  It will be the cell phone ring tone of choice.  School children will be required to sing it after the Pledge of Allegiance.  And Red will be leading the charge to make it our new National Anthem.  Yes, Make America Great Again will live forever in the hearts and minds of our great white nation.  Because that’s what the Trumpistas mean when they’re talking about greatness.

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