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How Low Can He Go (cont.)?

President Trump (words that Red still chokes on) has a stagnant overall approval rating at around 40%  even after attempting to bomb his way to better numbers.

More troublesome for the golden-haired dear leader are some other numbers about how the public feels about his specific attributes.  A Gallup Poll  released this week found that a pitiful 45% of Americans say Trump “keeps his promises” despite clear evidence to the contrary.   This is down from 62% who believed that nonsense in early February. Gallup also found that only 46% of Americans now believe that Trump “can bring about changes this country needs.”  53% thought that in February.  These numbers indicate that a good number of his supporters are starting to realize they have been sold a bill of goods by the greatest con man of our times – perhaps of all time.  As it becomes more and more clear that Trump has no core beliefs and is swayed by the idea of the moment, Americans may be beginning to catch on to Trump charade.

How Low Can He Go (cont.)?

There’s nothing like bombing the shit out of something to bump up your approval ratings.  As shown below, Donald Trump is familiar with the concept.  And it almost always works – even the historically unpopular Trump got a small boost from the pre-disclosed (to the Russians of course) cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase.  Fivethirtyeight has Trump’s composite approval/disapproval ratings now at 41.5% approval against 52.5% disapproval – still a negative 11 point spread.  The numbers may be somewhat skewed by the outlier Ipsos poll which has Trump with a favorable 2 point spread.

Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin – watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.

How Low Can He Go (cont.)?

The latest Quinnipiac University Poll has Donald Trump at a 35% approval rating -with 57% of Americans disapproving of the neophyte president. The negative 22 point spread is unprecedented for a president less than 3 months into his first term.  Trump only seems to be holding on to the hardcore GOP base with 79% of Republicans still approving of his job performance.  Overall, he is underwater with men, women, whites, non-whites, Democrats, Independents and people with brains.  Other than Republicans he still has support from Russians, alien smugglers, polluters, Israeli settlers, late night comedians desperate for material, golf course designers, the criminally insane and anyone predicting that the end times are near.

Even more troubling for Trump are poll numbers showing that –

64% think he is not honest (Red can’t imagine where they get that idea)

66% think he is not level-headed (Well how could he be with that hair?)

55% think he is not a strong leader (Can’t even get wife to live in the freaking White House)

57% think he does not care about ordinary Americans (It’s difficult to really care about ordinary Americans when you have never actually met one)

It is really hard to make a comeback when 2/3rds of Americans think you are a liar and there is objective proof to back that up.


Jared Kushner – Smartest Man in the World

What were the odds?  Isn’t it amazing that Jared Kusher,  the son-in-law of Donald Trump, just happens to be the smartest man in the entire world.   How lucky can you get?  Kushner is so damn smart that he is in charge of U.S. policy for Mexico, Canada, China, trade, the Mid-East and now Iraq.  After all, his father-in-law told him,  “If you can’t produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can.”  So the 30-something wealthy scion who has no political or diplomatic experience and who has never done anything but work for his father or his father-in-law – is the one – the wunderkind who can finally  do what total lightweights like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Condaleeza Rice, Colin Powell,  Warren Christopher, James Baker III, George Schultz, Alexander Haig,  Edmund Muskie, Cyrus Vance, Henry Kissinger, William Rogers, Dean Rusk, Christian Herter,  John Foster Dulles and George Freaking Marshall were unable to accomplish.  What a godsend!

Oh, and in his spare time, Kushner gets to totally reinvent our entire government by bringing the best that the American business model (e.g. be born wealthy and marry up) has to offer.  I am sure that Red speaks for a grateful nation in thanking Ivanka Trump for having the wisdom to marry this absolute genius and savior of humanity.

Meanwhile, at Foggy Bottom,  Rex Tillerson is busy updating his Facebook page, doing the NY Times crossword, and wondering why he isn’t at the ranch enjoying time with his grandchildren.

How Low Can He Go? (cont.)

In the wake of the incredibly bungled push to repeal and replace Obamacare, Gallup’s latest daily tracking poll has Donald Trump’s approval rating a 36% – a new low.  His disapproval rating of 57% is one point below his all-time high of 58% reached earlier this month.

Red still thinks his floor is around 29% – which means DT doesn’t have to much farther to fall to bottom out – at which point he may get the dreaded  “Dead Cat Bounce.”   Trump can take some solace in the fact that the Republican controlled Congress is even less popular.  Real Clear Politics reports that Congress’ average approval rating for March is  20.8% with 64.5% of Americans disapproving of the job Congress is doing.   What outstanding leadership the Grand Ol’ Party has produced.

How Low Can He Go?

Donald Trump’s latest approval rating has him at 37% favorable.   Trump has ranged from a high of 46% right after taking office to his current low in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll.   Even more troubling for Trump should be the steady rise in his disapproval rating which is now at an all time high of 58% up 13 points from January.

For comparison, only Bill Clinton and Bush I were in the 50’s at this point in their presidencies and most presidents have been above 60% with Carter, Kennedy and Eisenhower in the 70’s.

Not that you asked, but Red thinks the current approval floor is a bit above the pathetic 25% W. Bush hit at the end of his disastrous second term.  Red reckons that about 29% of Americans will approve of Trump no matter what he says or does.   But even the 30’s are troubling  – with such lows having been hit by embattled and impeached Nixon and incompetent and overwhelmed W. Bush in their second terms as well as by one-termers Carter and Bush I.

TrumpCare Shows Trump Cares Not for Most of His Voters

The TrumpCare bill currently being floated is not a healthcare bill at all.  It is a tax cut for the wealthiest of the wealthy being disguised as healthcare reform.  The estimates are that the top 1/10th of 1 percent of taxpayers will see about a $200,000 tax cut.  Those poor souls earning only a mere million a year will see about a $50,000 tax cut.  Meanwhile, those at the bottom and many persons over 50 will see large increases in premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expense.  And they will get a largely worthless tax credit to help them out.   All those old angry white voters who voted for Trump thinking they were finally going to get some attention from D.C. will be left holding the bag so that Trump’s real constituency (read other wealthy folks like Trump) can get a big-ass tax cut.  Did any of you who voted for Trump really think that it would be otherwise?   Is it possible that you were that stupid?

Red’s absolute favorite part of TrumpCare is the tax break for the big bonuses paid to insurance company executives.  Red can’t imagine why that was put into the bill.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with trying to line up insurance industry support for TrumpCare, could it?  Nah!

Red fully supports TrumpCare with its tax cuts for the wealthiest and plan to hammer the poor and working class on health care costs-  because that is what America deserves to get for voting Trump into office.  Don’t come crying to Red when you are paying through the nose.  He has coverage.