200 Days Done – 1261 To Go – How Low Can He Go (cont.)?

Two hundred days into the Reality TV Show that is the Trump Presidency and the news could hardly be worse for the adulation-seeking President.  It turns out that people just don’t like him.  That would be bad enough, but Americans are also questioning Trump’s honesty, leadership and skills.

Red just can’t understand why people don’t understand what Trump is up to.  He has a job that he never really wanted.  He has to actually work at shit he knows very little about.  And he is continually criticized from all sides.  When Charles Krauthammer thinks a Republican President is a complete tool – well, chances are good that he is a complete tool.  One thing Trump does understand is marketing himself.  He wasn’t so good at football, casinos, wine, ties, steaks, airlines, “universities” and the list goes on,  but he does know how to package, promote and sell himself.  It’s really the only product any politician has.  And what does America like?  A come from behind last-minute unexpected win.  Well if Trump wins re-election, it certainly looks like it will fulfill all those criteria and a good segment of the population will have a rooting interest in that narrative.  Red won’t bet against Trump for re-election until the final vote has been counted.

Meanwhile, as Trump looks for his Pro-V1 in the rough (and uses the leather wedge to improve his lie), the pollsters have been hard at work.  The Week has the latest on Trump’s dismal poll numbers.

Only 30 percent of respondents said they admire Trump, 34 percent said they are proud to have him as president, and 55 percent said he has lowered the stature of the presidency. Regarding Trump’s Twitter use, 71 percent agreed it’s an effective way for him to reach his supporters, but 70 percent said Trump tweets too often in response to TV news, 71 percent said it was a risky way to communicate, and 63 percent said his tweets turn out to be misleading too often. Overall, only 36 percent of respondents found Trump honest and trustworthy, versus 60 percent who say he isn’t, and 24 percent said they trust most or all of what they hear in official communications from the Trump White House, versus 30 percent who say they believe none of it.

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