TV’s Big Bang Comes to Texas – Sort of

Image result for young sheldon show

Young Sheldon the spin-off of the megahit sitcom The Big Bang Theory will, of course, be set in Texas.  In TBBT, Jim Parsons, a Houston native, plays social misfit genius Sheldon Cooper who was fictionally raised in east Texas in a  bible-thumping, sports and gun loving family.  The show has played off of that aspect of his character rather brilliantly – especially with crackerjack actress Laurie Metcalf in a recurring role as Sheldon’s  mother Mary.  Every episode with Metcalf is a real joy to watch as she totally invades the stage with her understated performance as Sheldon’s doting but often cynical mother.  Young Sheldon will start with seven-year old Sheldon already in high school and feature interaction with his family who do not know quite what to make of the young prodigy.

MySA reports that Metcalf’s daughter Zoe Perry will play the same role as her mother in the new show and one can only hope that she carries on like mom.  In any event, Red is always pleased to see another TV show set in Texas (with the notable exception of Walker – Texas Moron) even if filming takes place in Burbank. Hopefully, there will be some notable Texas exteriors if the show takes off.  Red is skeptical, but then he also thought Frazier would probably bomb.

Young Sheldon is set for a special Monday night premiere at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 25, after the season opener of The Big Bang Theory.   The regular time slot will be at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays beginning in November with the TBBT as a lead-in.

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