Red’s NFL Picks – Summary

Red did things a little differently this year by picking a W/L record for each team in every division.  But in his inimically disjointed way, Red posted each division prediction over a couple of weeks.  So here is the summary of Red’s final NFL Picks – with maybe a little Week One commentary.

NFC East – Eagles (so far so good – but beating OTNAs is expected)

NFC North – Vikings (Sam Bradford is not the second coming but will do in a pinch)

NFC South – Falcons (shaking off Superb Owl meltdown)

NFC West – Cardinals (Carson Palmer looking very tired and old)

NFC Wildcard – Packers (nice work in Week One)

NFC Wildcard – Buccaneers (postponed)

AFC East – Patriots (A bump in the road)

AFC North – Stealers (tough win, but a win)

AFC South – Titans (tough loss, but a loss to a good team)

AFC West – Raiders (Just win Baby!)

AFC Wildcard – Chiefs (Huge step in right direction whipping up on Pats)

AFC Wildcard – Texans (Can Red rethink this one?  Sad!)

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