Today in Texas History – September 11

From the Annals of the Parks – In `933, the Texas State Parks Board acquired 198 acres of the Ottine Swamp in Gonzales County from the City of Gonzales, the Texas & New Orleans Railroad and several private land owners.  The land was designated as Palmetto State Park which opened in 1936.  The park was constructed by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) between 1934 and 1937. The CCC built Park Road 11, a low water crossing on the San Marcos River, a water tower/storage building, refectory, and residence (currently the park headquarters), barbeque pits, picnic seating, rock pool and retention dams, rock table, culverts, concrete picnic tables, and two sets of entrance portals.  The park is home to numerous plant and animal species that are not found typically found in the region.

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