Kavanaugh to be Confirmed

It appears that Bret Kavanaugh, hard-partying frat boy with major memory lapses, will be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Red fully supports Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  He is the perfect exemplar of a Trump appointee – one who appears to be ethically and morally challenged, with a sense of entitlement and who is willing to squeeze the truth to achieve his goal.  Unless CJ Roberts makes a dramatic shift to the center and is willing to respect stare decisis – Red expects that this now potentially reactionary SCOTUS will undermine decades of precedent protecting civil liberties, allow further advancement of the emerging police state, flip the off-switch on gay marriage and gay rights, kowtow to the religious right’s bigotry to exempt zealots from an entire host of anti-discrimination laws under the guise of the first amendment, eliminate any protection of voting rights, allow absurd partisan gerrymandering to prop up a dying Trumpian party (formerly known as the GOP), kill any attempts at sensible gun control,  end the last vestiges of affirmative action, crank up substantive due process to reverse any legislative enactment viewed as too liberal or progressive, and as the final coup d’état reverse Roe v. Wade – which will sow the seeds for the second American civil war.

This is what America voted for in electing Trump and this is exactly what we deserve to get.   Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Kavanaugh to be Confirmed

  1. Harry Hamid

    Yeah, I worry about consumer rights, voter rights, and worker rights, because those are the three things that a 5th Federalist Society vote on the Court are absolutely sure to erase. No question.

    With the rest of it, things could be limited by degrees, for the worst. But consumer rights, voter rights, and worker rights? Forget it.


  2. Red from Texas Post author

    Voter rights are just about everything in this game. And it seems likely Kavanaugh J. will fall quickly into line with the conservative majority in kowtowing to the GOP’s vast (and reasonably effective) voter suppression schemes. Everything else follows from this attempt to cling to power for another decade or two and completely remake the Judiciary into a branch of the Federalist Society.



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