Some observations from the Texans – Cowboys game

Red goes back and forth on whether football or golf is the stupidest sport.  The improbability of golf (you are really supposed to put this tiny ball in a 4.5 inch hole with only 4 strokes in this 10 acre pasture?) and the brute nature of football (you are supposed to withstand being repeatedly body-slammed by 300+ lb guys?) stand in contrast.   But today it’s football and Red was in attendance last night so here goes:

  1.  The Red Rule is still in place – Score 17 points and beat the Cowboys.
  2. Bill O’ the Clown is obviously unfamiliar with the Red Rule or he would have taken the field goal at the end of first half to get to 13 points with a full half to play
  3. It was a field goal fest anyway.  Seven field goals and only two touchdowns.  Fred Akers would be happy.
  4. Dak Prescott is slippery and got away with more than one ball thrown up for grabs.
  5. Deshaun Watson is not quite as slippery and somewhat more careful with the ball.
  6. If you can beat E. Elliott, you will beat the Cowboys.
  7. The crowd at NRG was about 70/30 Texans to Cowboys fans.  Red heard that Chris Collingsworth called it 50/50.  As with most things, CC was wrong.
  8. You cannot run wide on this Cowboys defense – especially in the Red Zone.
  9. NFL overtime rules suck!
  10. The Texans’ franchise is pathetic in almost everyway possible as a football organization and that extends right down to customer relations, traffic and crowd control, the useless moveable roof at NRG, and halftime entertainment.
  11. Red, however, has now seen Big Boy – who actually was more entertaining than expected.
  12. Sadly, the NFL appears to have eliminated the “Drive Start Indicator” and along with it the most useless position in all of football.  Red is certain this is saving teams at least $100 per game.

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