The Sad Current State of Political Discourse

Red has learned a lot from listening to the near overwhelming spate of political ads coming from both sides of the political spectrum.  But what has really been surprised to learn is all the things that he is for because he is not voting for more than about 3 Republicans who are all probably RINOs anyway.

Red now knows that he supports:

Wide open borders, the destruction of freedom, the end of “security” (whatever that means to Lyin’ Ted), bringing hordes criminals (especially MS-13) into the U.S., ending job creation, destroying health care, mobs, abortion on demand, rounding up all the guns and roving bands of non-Anglo youths running amok in the streets.

Red is likewise against:

Mom, apple pie, the flag, our troops, secure borders, job creation, religion in any form, fiscal responsibility and general prosperity.

Thanks to Red’s friends in the truth telling GOP for setting him straight.

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