Individual 1 Presents a Bad Movie Poster

Let’s dissect this just a bit.  As an initial matter, this shows a fence – not a wall.  And what is with the O with the lines through it.  It appears to be some sort of religious symbol – which is appropriate as Trumpism tends more towards religion in that only faith can sustain it – because facts just aren’t available or even really desirable to the true believers.  Also note that only the letters appear to be made of “beautiful concrete.” And what is one to make of the giant, hulking, red-eyed monster looming over the “wall.”  Is he on the U.S. side staring down some Honduran family who will run away screaming at the very sight?  Or is he an apparition – a ghostly warning to all who would pass?  Is he a Macy’s Parade balloon?  Is he untethered?  Is he high?

Recognize this for what it is – complete and utter real estate developer con man BS.

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