Red’s Reading List for 2019 – Topics

Red has put together the following topics for his 2019 Reading List.  Red picks out his topics for the year which typically do not vary too much, but he mostly fills in specific books as he goes in no particular order. Any suggestions would be welcome.

The following topics to be covered in 2019.

  1.          Texas History – Three Roads to Chihuahua (in progress).
  2.          U.S. Civil War History
  3.          American History General
  4.          WW II History
  5.          European History
  6.          Mexican History
  7.          Ancient History
  8.          American Biography
  9.          World Biography
  10.         American Politics General
  11.        Texas Biography/Politics
  12.        8th Grade Summer Reading (i.e. a book Red should have read that summer)
  13.       12th Grade Summer Reading
  14.       Classic English Novel – pre 20th Century
  15.       Classic Foreign Language Novel – pre 20th Century
  16.       Classic American Novel – pre 20th Century
  17.       20th Century American Novel
  18.       21st Century American Novel
  19.       Latin American Novel
  20.       Texas Novel
  21.       Other Southwestern Fiction
  22.       Complete Fluff Novel
  23.       Feminist Dystopian Novel (probably The Water Cure)
  24.       General Dystopian Novel
  25.       Short Story Collection – multi author
  26.       Short Story Collection – single author
  27.       A.S. McCall
  28.       E. Kelton
  29.       S. Lewis
  30.       English Mystery
  31.       American Mystery
  32.       American Hard-boiled Detective Novel – the trashier the better
  33.       Young Adult Fiction
  34.       Law/legal issues
  35.       Sports
  36.       Music
  37.       Cattle/Ranching
  38.       Art
  39.       Birding
  40.       Golf
  41.       Bullfighting
  42.       Misc.

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