Uncle Joe’s Big Night in Texas

Well, what a difference a day makes or in this case, two to three days.  Former Vice-President Joe Biden made an extraordinary comeback in Texas on Super Tuesday fueled by election day ballots.  His margin of victory of about 80,000 votes (with 92% reported) would likely have been larger if Mayor Pete and Amy K. had dropped out earlier and given their endorsement.  Red thinks that Mayor Pete will be a force on the campaign trail for Uncle Joe and his reward will likely be a Secretarial Post (Red will push for him as Secretary of Defense).  Amy K. will return to the Senate and continue to push people around there.

As Red sees it, however, Texas is still not in play come November.  In running uncontested, Trumph – the Insult Comic President – still got about 300,000 more votes than all the Democratic candidates combined.  That does not bode well for Texas as a “battleground” state.  But maybe just maybe Texas did its part in helping find a candidate that can beat the Reality TV Show Joke of President that now holds the office.


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