Alexandra Smoots-Thomas – a Judicial Disgrace

Harris County District Court Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas can’t stay out of trouble (or jail it would seem). AST, who is currently suspended, was arrested on August 10 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was already under indictment and charged with 10 counts of wire fraud for using campaign funds on jewelry, luxury items, her mortgage and paying private school tuition for her children. After the indictment, Smoot-Thomas was suspended from her judicial post but rather shamelessly ran for re-election. Fortunately for Harris County residents she was soundly defeated in the Democratic primary run-off. That she even made the runoff or received more than a handful of votes is disturbing enough.

But things continue to spiral downward for the disgrace jurist as she is now accused of shooting at her husband’s girlfriend during an argument. Houston police report that the shooting occurred at the victim’s home in the 14000 block of Jewel Meadow Drive on Monday. AST was in the woman’s driveway honking and hollering. When the “other woman” came out of her house an argument ensued and Smoots-Thomas allegedly fired a gun at the woman.

Red followed AST on Facebook for a while and always wondered how she enjoyed such a high-fallutin lifestyle on the somewhat modest salary of a Texas District Court Judge. Of course, she could have had money stashed before she took office, but she had been on the bench almost 12 years when she was first indicted. Red takes no pleasure in the downfall of a public servant, but he doesn’t ignore it either.

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