Trump Writes – Red Translates with a Suggestion for Him

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As readers are aware, Red likes to translate some of our President’s missives to reveal the hidden truth. Yesterday, Trump asked Red where he should deliver his speech accepting the Trump Party’s (fka the GOP) nomination. Here’s Red translation along with a suggested locale.

Friend (Dupe, Sucker, Pigeon)

I have HUGE (Bigly Huge) news to share with you.

On the final night of the 2020 GOP Convention, I will deliver my Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech (Not really sure why this is HUGE news but you’ll believe me no matter what I say).

My speech will be absolutely HISTORIC (more likely Hysteric) , and when my team (Ivanka and Jared) asked me where I want to deliver it, I immediately said, “Why don’t you ask the American People? They ALWAYS know best (except in 2016).”

I have it narrowed down to two locations – the Great Battlefield of Gettysburg (where I can desecrate the sacred ground of martyrs who fought to preserve the Union that I am desperately trying to rip apart), Pennsylvania, or the White House (which I desecrate by my very presence so no real harm done there – Hatch Act be damned)- and I’d really like YOUR input on this important decision.

So it’s up to you – where do you think I should deliver my speech to accept the Republican Nomination for President of the United States?

I really want to know what you think, Friend (yeah, as if I want to know what the morons who vote for me really think). This will be one of my most important speeches yet (dripping with vitriol I tell you), and I don’t want to decide without you.

Well, it just so happens Red has an out-of-the-box suggestion for you Mr. Trump. How about on the steps of the Wallkill Correctional Facility in New York? It’s a place with which you should start becoming familiar.

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