Even Trump Can’t Attack Michelle Obama

Red loves his daily eight emails from the Trump campaign begging for money and insulting almost everyone in sight. Yesterday’s email was especially telling as Trump’s henchmen went after the line-up of speakers at the virtual Democratic National Convention last night.

Tonight, Crazy Bernie,Michelle Obama, failed presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, Fredo’s brother: Andrew Cuomo, and Gretchen “Half” Whitmer, are all taking the stage where they’ll do nothing but spread FAKE NEWS about OUR President.

First of all, do you not find it amazing that the campaign arm of the President of the United States feels the need to resort to third grade playground insults as he seeks re-election? That alone is just despicable.

But notice how everyone but Michelle Obama gets a pejorative nickname or comment. Say what you will about Trump and his cronies, at least they are not so stupid as to directly attack the woman who polls as the “most admired woman” in the entire world. Trump would run cowering from this impressive woman. MO’s clear and compelling intelligence, accomplishment, authenticity, compassion, honesty and basic decency clearly contrast with the phony, plagiarizing, tarted-up, adulterous, illegal immigrant, nude-posing, gold-digger that Trump chose as his 3rd Mate.

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