Trump Jr. Writes – Red Translates

Typically nothing coming out of the Trump scion’s bearded orifice is worth noting. But Donald Trump, Jr. is more front and center than ever before in desperately plugging Daddy’s re-election. He is the Trump Campaign’s designated attack dog and if he weren’t such an obvious liar and ignoramus he would be well suited for the job as a nastier piece of work that DTJ is seldom seen. The fetid acorn did not fall far from the twisted tree. Here is the latest email from the rabid dog of the right – with usual translation by Red.

Friend (Sucker),

The Radical Democrats (that is anyone not worshiping Daddy) are truly delusional (we’re counting on you being delusional in our favor)

They think they can win this race with their MEGA-DONORS and coastal elites (plus millions of small donors), but we both know that my father will prevail because he has the backing of the ONLY People that matter (in typical Trump we say screw everyone else – but note that we’ll screw you too if the opportunity arises) REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS, (complete dupes who think Daddy is patriotic) like YOU.

The Democrats are hosting their ANTI-TRUMP Convention (good one huh?) this week, and they’ve been attacking my father with a viciousness we’ve never seen before (except every time Daddy opens his mouth). We, the American People, need to be ready to defend him (the legal defense fund will be accepting contributions beginning at noon on Jan. 21, 2001). 

My father created the 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force (Brown Shirts are being issued as I write) to DEFEND the future of our Nation from the Democrat’s radical agenda (you know the Nazis had some of this right), and he’s calling on YOU to (goose) step up.

This is so important that when you join the ranks as one of the President’s TOP defenders, your gift will automatically be 600%-MATCHED (Does anyone really believe this bullshit?) .

The Democrats will stop at nothing (like actually voting) to defeat my father – they’ll lie, cheat, and steal their way to victory unless we stop them (by better lying, cheating and stealing).

The President wants to know who came to his defense (other than the emaciated walking ghost of Roy Cohn), so he’s asked that I give him a list of all Patriots who respond to this email first thing TOMORROW morning (which he will use as toilet paper). I hope your name is on that list (see previous note about screwing).

Thank you,

Donald Trump, Jr. (Inmate No. to be issued)

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