Red’s 2020 NFL Predictions – Playoffs

Red is going all in on the Chiefs to repeat as NFL Champions. Here is the breakdown

AFC Division Champs – 

Chiefs (a tough choice Red knows)

Ravens (another tough one),

Bills (as previously noted it is spineless and weak to pick the Patriots every year – but also a winning strategy)

Titans (the AFC South wins most pathetic division in NFL yet again)

AFC Wildcards –

Broncos (I think Elway has finally found a QB after a long meandering walk in the woods)

Raiders (Vegas Baby Vegas)

Patriots (why not?)

NFC Division Champs –

Eagles (already looking questionable)

Saints (not questionable)

Packers (by default)

Cardinals (every season one team rises from the dead)

NFC Wildcards –

Seahawks (unfortunately still good)

Falcons (I must be insane)

49ers (eke into the last spot because the NFC sucks)

Division Championships

Chiefs and Ravens –  Chiefs win in a thriller

Saints and Seahawks – Saints get revenge

NFL Championship

Chiefs repeat 

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