NFL at the Quarter Pole

Red is posting a bit early as there are two games tonight that will affect his ratings, but Red is pressing on because who knows what tomorrow may bring.

Red’s Top Ten NFL Teams

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – Is there really any argument here. Red expects the Chiefs to beat a Cam Newtonless Patriots outfit tonight. Assuming an average performance, the Chiefs will be near the top in points scored and near the bottom in points allowed. Plus they have made in through without significant injuries.
  2. Seattle Seahawks. They just keep on winning and Russell Wilson wants that MVP trophy on his mantle.
  3. Buffalo Bills. Red welcomes all the latecomers to the Bills bandwagon. Josh Allen is getting serious consideration as an elite QB.
  4. Baltimore Ravens. The Blackbirds would be rated higher but for their pathetic performance against the Chiefs. They will be in good company there by season’s end.
  5. Pittsburgh Stealers. Year in, year out always competitive – except when they aren’t.
  6. Green Bay Packers. So far the smoke machine is pumping out thick dense clouds and the mirrors have been brilliantly polished. Red is skeptical but can’t ignore the results.
  7. Tennessee Titans. A nice run so far, but we will see how the schedule change and the virulent locker room affect a team that could go either way.
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. An easy schedule keeps this team in it all the way. Some old dude playing quarterback may help as well.
  9. Indianapolis Colts. Put Red down in the “Surprised” column. Very close to qualifying for the “Astonished” column.
  10. Los Angeles Rams. A tough call between the Rams and the Bears. The Rams have feasted on the decaying corpses of the NFC East. The Bears have three wins over the scrubs of three different divisions. The Rams win the coin toss.

The Bottom Feeders.

  1. The NFC East. Eagles, Cowboys, Giants and Football Team. This division is 3-12-1 collectively through 16 total games. The teams have won exactly 2 games against non-division opponents including the Cowboys miraculous win against the Falcons and the Eagles possibly righting the ship yesterday with a nice win against a still respectable 49ers squad. Someone has to win this division and maybe, just maybe, Red’s dream of a 6-10 team making the playoffs will finally come true.
  2. Houston Texans. The only question seems to be – When will Bill O’ the Clown be fired? A team underperforming on all cylinders in every facet of the game. They would be the number one bottom feeder but for the pathetic excuse of a professional football division that is the NFC East.
  3. New Jersey Jets. This can come as no surprise.
  4. Atlanta Falcons. What is wrong with this team?
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars. Red has seen teams suck before but they are the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked. With apologies to Homer Simpson.
  6. Miami Dolphins. Sadness reigns in S. Florida.

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