Vote Early – Red and Family Did!

Red, Mrs. Red and Red Jr. all voted on Friday. For the first time in his life, Red would have voted straight party for all Democratic candidates. But as you are probably aware, the Texas Republicans killed off that option once they thought it not longer benefitted them. So Red went down the ballot and voted for every race except one where even the Democrat did not deserve his vote. Red is fair-minded after all.

Red was forced to vote against 2-3 Republican judges that he thinks have actually done a pretty good job. Red is sorry, but at this point if you are still clinging to the Trumpian Party (f/k/a the GOP), Red has no sympathy for you going down with the ship – if that is what is to be. If you haven’t stood up and called out the insanity that pervades this administration, you do not deserve to be elected dogcatcher. Would that we still elected dogcatchers- a job that Ted Cruz and John Cornyn might actually be qualified for!

So if you are inclined in the only proper direction – which is to vote out the Reality TV Show Joke of a President and his sycophantic cohorts then GO VOTE. If you are on the fence, do us all a favor and STAY HOME. If you are voting for Trump, may God have mercy on your soul. Red will pray for you because you need help.

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