Katy Bar the Door – Trump Begs – Red Translates

The Trump campaign’s naked desperation is cutting closer to home. The latest missive from the Reality TV Show Joke of a President directed to Red is focused on the horrors that will befall Texas should Joe Biden be elected. But most curiously, Trump is asking Red to get his mail ballot – you know, the one that is rife with the potential for fraud. As usual, Red decodes the meaning.


There’s no time to waste (I need to get back to watching Hannity) . This is your LAST opportunity to stand with President Trump in defense of Texas (it’s like the fucking Alamo, man). The deadline to mail in your ballot request application is quickly approaching in Texas (fraud be damned if you’re voting for me). Request your Ballot NOW!

Joe Biden and his band of Democrat cronies (Commies) would DESTROY Texas with their Radical Socialist agenda (there will actually be a giant gap in the map surrounded by New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mexico, but on the plus side it will cut down on the miles of border wall needed). The reality (irony is lost on me)? In a Biden Presidency, Texas will see jobs lost, taxes increased, and safety defunded (and roving gangs of Negro youths). The choice is clear. Joe Biden would be a DISASTER owned by the Radical Left (much worse than me being owned by Putin and the Russian Mob).

President Trump and Republicans across Texas are relying on you to Request your Ballot ahead of the approaching deadline. Can they count on you? Request your Ballot today (request two if you think you can get away with it)!


Ballot Request Status 

Red F. Texas
REQUEST NOW >> Make no mistake (well, no mistake bigger than electing me as President in the first place): Joe Biden is the MOST Progressive (what a dirty word) candidate in our Country’s history (He makes Eugene Debs look like Ross Perot). He WILL raise your taxes by 4 trillion dollars (I love made-up numbers – ask any of my bankers or the IRS), grant mass amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens (the brown ones anyway), and pack our Supreme Court with Radical Liberal Justices (as opposed to the Federalist Society automatons that I have installed).

YOU are Texas’s greatest line of defense against Biden’s radical agenda (that and your AK-47 after I lose). Fight back (detailed instructions to follow in the event of my defeat) and Request a Ballot ahead of Texas’s deadline (because my voters are true and honest and Democrats are lying, thieving, leftist scum).

President Donald Trump

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