Red’s 2021 NFL Wrap-Up

Red is skipping a good portion of the 2021 wrap-up because he failed to complete his picks for the NFC West and did not give a complete pre-season pick of the division champs and wild card entries.

Perhaps the less said the better about Red’s Playoff Picks. So Red will say less.

Wildcard Week

Red hit on the Chiefs, Buccaneers, Bills and Bengals. He missed out on calling the Cowboys over the Niners (YEA!) and the Cardinals over the Rams (UGH!). 4 out of 6 will get you somewhere

Week 2 aka the misnamed Divisional Round

Red scored with picking the Rams and the Chiefs but missed out on the Niners eking out a win over the hapless Packers and was totally shocked when the Bengals won two playoff games in a row and dispatched the beat up Titans after 31 years of misery. Sadly, other commitments caused Red to miss what may be have been the greatest game in NFL playoff history with the Chiefs pulling a miracle out of the bag to beat the Bills. 2-2 for the week.

Conference Championships

Red broke even that week. The Bengals continued to shock in dispatching the Chiefs, while picking the Rams to beat the Niners did not require much in the way of mental gymnastics. 1-1 in the big games.

Superb Owl

Red picked the Rams while holding his nose.

OVERALL – Red was 8-5 in his playoff prognostications.


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