Red’s 2022 Weekly NFL Roundup – Week 5

Things have sorted themselves out a bit in Week 5. Week 6 will likely resulting in some more culling of the herd. One think is certain – for now New York fans have something to shout about.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – Red thought the Eagles were good, but not this good. Showdown at home against the Cowboys Sunday night will tell us how good the Eagles really are.
  2. Buffalo Bills – Continuing to romp even though the defense has been off a bit – but don’t tell that to the Stealers. The other big showdown of the week against the Chiefs on Sunday.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – Doing just enough to win on a consistent basis won’t be good enough against the Bills.
  4. New York Giants – Red just looked down and the Giants were 4-1.
  5. Minnesota Vikings – Some thought the Vikings were going to be good. Some might have been right.
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Will always have the Refs in their back pocket.
  7. Dallas Cowboys – Mr. Rush continues to win. Is he doing to Dak what Dak did to Tony?
  8. San Francisco 49ers – The best in the west.
  9. Baltimore Ravens – Have yet to put a complete game together. Watch out when they do.
  10. Miami Dolphins – May I speak to Mr. Kaepernick please?
  11. Green Bay Packers – Other than that how did you enjoy your trip to London Mr. Rodgers?
  12. Tennessee Titans – Winning 3 straight puts them on top in the saddest division in the NFL.
  13. Los Angeles Chargers – You never know which Chargers team is going to show up on Sunday or Monday or Thursday or any other day.
  14. New York Jets – Those who have the over on Jets W/L have to feel pretty good right now.
  15. Los Angeles Rams – Underperforming in all phases of the game.
  16. Cincinnati Bengals – One day Red will learn to spell Cincinnati on the first try.
  17. Cleveland Browns – The supposedly strong defense can’t stop anyone right now.
  18. New England Patriots – Never count them out.
  19. Indianapolis Colts – The only .500 team in the league looks to be in trouble.
  20. New Orleans Saints – Mr. Hill put on a performance for the ages. If you started him at TE on your fantasy team and didn’t win last week – just give it up.
  21. Atlanta Falcons – Not the first or last team playing against Tom Brady to get screwed by the Refs.
  22. Seattle Seahawks – An appropriate entry for the beginning of the “Who Gives a Rat’s Ass” section of the rankings.
  23. Arizona Cardinals – See picture next to “disappointment” in the dictionary.
  24. Houston Texans – If only they could schedule 17 games against the Jaguars.
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars – Losing to the Texans – Huh, huh -Wuss!
  26. Las Vegas Raiders – Could have beaten the Chiefs. Did not beat the Chiefs.
  27. Detroit Lions – How this offense goes from averaging about 35 ppg to getting skunked is something of a mystery.
  28. Denver Broncos – Nothing is going right in the Mile High City.
  29. Chicago Bears – Ugh!
  30. Pittsburgh Stealers – Double Ugh!!
  31. Carolina Panthers – Baker gets baked and taken out of the oven under new regime. It makes no difference.
  32. Washington Commanders – When Al Michaels calls for your head on national TV you know the end times are near.

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