Red’s Weekly 2002 NFL Roundup – Week 6

Lots of big games and action in Week 6. Let’s get right to it.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles have taken charge in the highly competitive NFC East and the win over the Cowboys was not as close as it looked.
  2. Buffalo Bills – After handily dispatching AFC rival Chiefs it looks like all paths to the Superb Owl lead through Orchard Park.
  3. Minnesota Vikings – Playing in a weak NFC North probably keeps them in the mix all season long.
  4. New York Giants – Second best team in New York continues to roll. Win over the Ravens was impressive.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs – Need to reevaluate offensive scheme. Mahomes appears to be overly in love with his ability to make difficult plays which have lately turned into a lot of INTs.
  6. New York Jets – The third best team in New York. It’s fun to be a fan in the Empire State.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers – Seem to be headed in a better direction winning close games instead of losing them.
  8. Baltimore Ravens – Are better than they have shown so far.
  9. Tennessee Titans – Weak division helps as the season goes on.
  10. Dallas Cowboys – The third best team in the NFC East still gets you in the top ten, but just barely.
  11. Cincinnati Bengals – Could go either way. Probably going down.
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Making incantations to the war gods while dancing around the flames of what seemed like a Superb Owl contender.
  13. Miami Dolphins – Showing just how important the backup QB position really is.
  14. San Francisco 49ers – Leading the mediocrity pack this week.
  15. Los Angeles Rams – Looking decidedly mediocre in all phases of the game.
  16. Green Bay Packers – Hoping to look mediocre in all phases of the game. Not succeeding.
  17. Atlanta Falcons – The happiest of the mediocrities.
  18. New England Patriots – The mediocrity with the most upside right now.
  19. Seattle Seahawks – The worst mediocre team?
  20. Indianapolis Colts – Topping the “who gives a shit” list this week.
  21. Cleveland Browns – Wasting a great season by Chubb to this point.
  22. Denver Broncos – Right where they belong.
  23. Pittsburgh Stealers – Time to think about a rebuilding project.
  24. Chicago Bears – Always rebuilding, never succeeding.
  25. Arizona Cardinals – The Kliff KIngsbury NFL experiment is on life support.
  26. New Orleans Saints – Just play Taysom Hill so that we can enjoy the spectacle.
  27. Houston Texans – Two wins in a row almost seems possible given the state of the Raiders.
  28. Oakland Raiders – A loss to the Texans could move them to the bottom.
  29. Washington Commanders – Red likes Carson Wentz but the guy cannot stay on the field.
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars – ZZZZZZZZZZZ.
  31. Detroit Lions – Red believed. Red was wrong.
  32. Carolina Panthers – The house cleaning has just begun.

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