Red’s 2022 Weekly NFL Roundup – Week 7

Red has been down for almost the full count for about 10 days but he is coming back as strong as the Lions’ offense – hopefully, the early season version and not the bottom of the barrel shitshow of the last two weeks. As the season rounds to what used to be the halfway point, the pretenders are getting exposed and the surprises are making a case.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are a 2nd quarter powerhouse sending dispirited opponents to the locker room at halftime because they have scored 112 second-quarter points in their first 6 games this season – the most points in any quarter in NFL history over that stretch. With upcoming schedule 9-0 is in the headlights.
  2. Buffalo BIlls – Spank the Chiefs and then get a week off? Probably needed as the remaining schedule looks much tougher than it did at the beginning of the season with two games against the Jets and the coming alive Patriots.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes is still in love with his ability to make difficult throws. The only problem is that those passes are getting regularly picked off as of late. Andy needs to get morning out of the running game and take pressure of his QB.
  4. Minnesota Vikings – At 5-1, Red has to put them here. Realistically, there might only be 3-4 more losses on the schedule if the Vikings keep playing like this.
  5. New York Giants – Saquon Barkley looks healthy, happy and ready to roll. But the Giants can’t keep falling behind by double digits and have their opponents pull defeat from the jaws of victory.
  6. New York Jets – If the Jets beat the Patriots this week, then 11-6 is definitely on the table. That would go a long way towards building confidence that they can at least play with the BIlls.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers – The most inconsistent team this season, but with a winning record going to their bye week.
  8. Dallas Cowboys – Best rushing offense in the league is offset by the worst passing game and a thoroughly mediocre defense.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals – Unleash Ja’marr Chase and good things will happen. Burrow seems to be returning to last season’s form.
  10. Baltimore Ravens – Finding new and imaginative ways to lose. The Ravens have already lost three games in which they were up by 10 or more. No team has ever done that more times in one season.
  11. Los Angeles Rams – Are the Rams on the precipice of a winning or losing season already? A crumbling offensive line does not bode well for the Rams.
  12. San Francisco 49ers – Meanwhile up the road, the Niners defense has been plagued by injuries. Doubtful that the offense can score enough to hold on.
  13. Tennessee Titans – There doesn’t seem to be too much in the way of an AFC South crown at this point – especially if they dispatch the Colts on Sunday.
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Red is not one to write off Tom Brady just yet, but at this rate – check back in a couple of weeks.
  15. Miami Dolphins – If Tua is the real deal, the Dolphins will be back after big prime time game against the Stealers.
  16. Atlanta Falcons – If not for the Jets and Giants, the Falcons might be the surprise come-back team of the year at this point in the season. And Marcus Mariota is looking like come back player of the year.
  17. Green Bay Packers – There isn’t much here that doesn’t look pretty ugly right now.
  18. New England Patriots – The best of the also-rans with a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Will the smoke and mirrors make it the rest of the way? It’s anybody’s guess.
  19. New Orleans Saints – Should be better. Aren’t. The Rusty Rifle needs to go back above the mantel and conclude a sad end to a once promising career.
  20. Indianapolis Colts – The Matty Ice experiment is still in the lab after a nice win on Sunday. Is Sam Ehlinger the savior waiting in the wings?
  21. Seattle Seahawks -Yep, this is the point where Red is losing interest in having to come up with something. Pete Carroll Lives!!
  22. Denver Broncos – Either the best or the worst 2-4 team and it doesn’t make a bit of difference.
  23. Chicago Bears – If the Bears give Red a good blizzard game this season he will say nice things about them.
  24. Cleveland Browns – Mr. Watson coming back will help but it will be too little too late for this sad sack franchise.
  25. Washington Commanders – Are there really 7 teams worse than the Commanders? Apparently so.
  26. Arizona Cardinals – How can they be this bad with decent talent?
  27. Pittsburgh Stealers – It’s been a long time since the Stealers stunk it up like this.
  28. Las Vegas Raiders – Finally able to beat the Texans. Big whoop!
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars – Will be better when they move and are rebranded as the London Lords.
  30. Houston Texans – Took a step in the right direction after the bye week by showing troublemaker Jack Easterby the door. Davis Mills is not showing that he is the answer on South Main.
  31. Detroit Lions – 6 points in two weeks after scoring 140 in the first 4. Utterly inexplicable.
  32. Carolina Panthers – Back to the norm after knocking off the Bucs. House cleaning in progress.

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