Red’s Weekly 2022 NFL Roundup – Week 11

Red failed to note last week that Jeff Saturday was the first NFL Head Coach to win his debut without ever having coached at the collegiate or professional level (NFL or CFL) since the immortal Norm Van Brocklin was hired by the Minnesota Vikings in 1961. The Dutchman also won his debut. Hats off to Saturday, but the celebration in Indianapolis did not last very long.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – The Andy Reid Show starring Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce was back on the air this week. A hit with the viewers outside of So Cal.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles – Losing the coin toss for the No. 1 spot this week. C’mon Eagles.
  3. Miami Dolphins – VirTUAlly a lock for the playoffs right now.
  4. Tennessee Titans – Count them out at your peril – as long as Mr. Henry is on the field.
  5. Baltimore Ravens – Unimpressive against the Panthers, but they keep on winning after rocky start.
  6. Buffalo Bills – A much needed course correction may be in process, but the surging Lions will be a challenge on Turkey Day.
  7. Dallas Cowboys – What a freaking beatdown of the Vikings.
  8. Minnesota Vikings – What a freaking beatdown by the Cowboys.
  9. Seattle Seahawks – Still in the MixMaster – surprisingly.
  10. New York Giants – Could be staggering around looking for a place to fall down.
  11. New England Patriots – You cannot count them out – but the Pats have 5 likely playoff teams left on the schedule.
  12. Cincinnati Bengals – Seeking redemption is going to be hard with the Titans, Chiefs, Bucs, Patriots, Bills and Ravens still on the schedule.
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 5-5 record gets you first place in the sad sack of misery that is the NFC South.
  14. San Francisco 49ers – The Niners offense is good enough to win a lot of games. Four winnable games left on the schedule.
  15. New York Jets – Jets may find a place to fall right next to the Giants. Sad times in the Big Apple after a promising start.
  16. Washington Commanders – On the frothy bubble of the playoffs with Heineke in command (pun intended).
  17. Los Angeles Chargers – Continuing to find ways to lose winnable games.
  18. Atlanta Falcons – Marcus Mariota hanging in there despite the criticism. Falcons may have played more close games than any other team so far this season.
  19. Detroit Lions – Can Red’s 2022 Team of Destiny finally win a Thanksgiving Day game again after losing 5 straight (they lost 8 straight from 2004 -11). Bills are a tall order.
  20. Indianapolis Colts – Saturday bombed on Sunday.
  21. Arizona Cardinals – Red has to rank them somewhere. Your guess is as good as his.
  22. Green Bay Packers – It will be a long, cold Wisconsin winter.
  23. New Orleans Saints – Rusty Rifle throws 3 TDs. Arm is somehow still attached to shoulder.
  24. Las Vegas Raiders – Signs of life have been detected in the desert.
  25. Cleveland Browns – Jacoby Brisett doing the best he can – will be rewarded somewhere.
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Somewhere someone cares what happens to the Jags. Maybe in the East End.
  27. Denver Broncos – The line is flat. Very flat.
  28. Pittsburgh Stealers – The vaunted defense keeps getting shredded.
  29. Carolina Panthers – If you can’t say anything nice . . .
  30. Chicago Bears – Should not be this bad.
  31. Los Angeles Rams – Red hears that Hawaii is nice in January.
  32. Houston Texans – No. 1 pick next season almost locked up. Don’t screw it up.

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