Some Final Thoughts on “Super” Wildcard Week

Red is sticking with the Bills winning it all.  The Bills, Chiefs and Eagles are the only teams Red views as being able to beat all comers (except of course when matched against one another).   Every other team can lose depending on the breaks.

Red includes the Niners in the un-invincible group based on the rather poor track record of QBs in their first playoff game and the even worse record of rookie QBs in their first playoff game.  According to J. Breech (my new favorite NFL analyst):  “Since 2002, quarterbacks making their first career playoff start in the wild-card round are 12-35 straight-up, including 1-4 last year and that one win only happened because two first-time playoff starters were facing each other (Joe Burrow vs. Derek Carr).”  But Red you say, “Isn’t Geno Smith also making his playoff debut?”  A rather large turd plops into Red’s morning latte.   We shall see which playoff newbie pulls through on the west coast.  

Jaguars/Chargers and Vikings/Giants are likely the most entertaining games from a disinterested fan viewpoint.   Chargers cannot stop the run and Jags cannot stop the pass.  At 47, I would take the over and run.  Meanwhile, the Vikings and Giants both have negative point differentials and earn the highest O/U of the week at 48.   Red likes a parley here.  Bet the over on the first game and then all or nothing on the over on Sunday. 

Red also thinks that it is just possible that the Bucs run the Cowboys out of the building with the ghost of Dandy Don singing “Turn out the Lights” in the middle of the 4th quarter.  But if not look for the Cowboy’s usual last second loss scenario to play out.  As the old joke goes, this one is like watching your ex-wife drive over a cliff in your new Cadillac.  On second thought, Red isn’t sure that analogy makes any sense at all.  Maybe the Iran-Iraq war will have to do.

Finally, Red was so excited about the Bills/Dolphins game that he booked an 11:45 tee time on Sunday.  His over/under right now is about 87 –if playing from the old man tees.  Probably taking the over on Sunday. 


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