Red’s 2022 NFL WildCard Weekend Picks

Red hasn’t picked games all season long, so he is a bit Rusty. Maybe next year he will go back to the old weekly six-pack of games. He misses picking the Shit Bowl every week. But for now, the only thing left to do is pick the playoff games as they come. Let’s go in order.

Niners over Seahawks – Believe Red that nothing would make him happier (short of winning the lottery) than to see Geno Smith win a playoff game even if it means making Pete the Cheat happy. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t see it. The Niners completely shut down the Seahawks offense in two meeting this season. This will be closer but not that close. San Francisco 27 Seattle 19.

Chargers over Jaguars – The Chargers must overcome the triple forward time zone hex on Saturday. Jaguars beat two playoff teams (Cowboys and Ravens) but lost to the Colts, Texans and Broncos. Plus they played in the sad sack AFC South. Meanwhile, the Chargers only beat one playoff team – the Dolphins and lost to the Broncos in the season finale. At least a playoff game won’t be a comedown. This one is really a toss-up. Los Angeles 24 Jacksonville 23.

Bills over Dolphins – Does Red really need to say much about this one? Actually it is easy to forget that these two teams split their games this season and both were decided by 3 points. It’s a different story come January – especially since both Tua and Teddy are banged up. Third-string quarterbacks usually don’t win playoff games. Buffalo 34 Miami 17

Vikings over Giants – The Vikings are pretenders. Fortunately for them the Giants are almost as bad. These teams did play a real barn burner in week 16 decided on a 61 yard field goal. This could be the most entertaining game of the weekend. Minnesota 35 New York 33.

Bengals over Ravens – Bengals have had a chip on their shoulder all season long. Don’t expect the Ravens to knock it off Sunday night. This is another intra-division match up where the teams split during the regular season. The Ravens desperately need Lamar Jackson to have a chance here. He will likely be rusty after having been laid up for six weeks. Without him, the Ravens are toast. Cincinnati 19 Baltimore 13.

Buccaneers over Cowboys – The Cowboys have never beaten Tom Brady – not once – which seems pretty remarkable. In fact, they got stomped by the Bucs in Week 1 scoring an anemic 3 points. And then the Pokes closed out their season with an almost as anemic 6 points in getting dominated by the Commandos. Bottom line: if there is one team in the playoff that the Bucs can beat – it is the Cowboys. Tampa Bay 27 Dallas 10.


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