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Red Supports Guns at the GOP Convention

An individual or group going by the name of Hyperationalist has launched an on-line petition drive calling for the open carry of guns at the GOP National Convention in Cleveland.  The Quicken Loans Arena does not allow guns, and the weapons enthusiasts are up in arms (pun intended) over the GOP choosing such a site for its convention.  You can read the petition here and decide for yourself.  Red supports the drive to turn the Quicken Loans Arena into the nation’s must be ready to fire zone.  After all, what could possibly go wrong when well-armed Trump and Cruz supporters meet on the convention floor.

In fact, Red wants to take this one step further.  Red has never been one to bring a knife to a gun fight, so Red is considering a competing petition which would require every last GOP delegate to be openly sporting a loaded weapon that is at least .22 caliber and preferably in the thirties.  No gun – no admittance – and no vote.