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Is Texas Weather Really That Bad?

Jacquielynn Floyd of the Dallas Morning News wonders if Texas is the worst place in the Nation for for catastrophic weather events and natural disasters.

After a series of devastating 2011 tornadoes and floods in the U.S., The New York Times commissioned data analysts at Sperling’s Best Places to rank hundreds of metro areas by their relative safety from natural disasters.

Their findings: If you’re paranoid about such things, move to the Pacific Northwest. In ranking 379 metropolitan areas — where 85 percent of people in the country live — seven of the safest 10 are in Washington state.

The part you’ll want to chew on, though, is that six of the worst 10 are in Texas. And ranked at the tippy-top (or bottom, if you’re reading it that way), the riskiest place in the nation for catastrophic weather is — grab hold of a desk or something if you’re prone to giddiness — here. Us.