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Today in Texas History – October 26

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From the Annals of the Military-Industrial Complex –  In 2001, Lockheed Martin won a $200 billion contract for the production of the “Joint Strike Fighter” jet.  The 40 year deal was the largest defense contract in history.   After a competition between the Boeing X-32 and the LM X-35, a final design was chosen based on the X-35. This is the F-35 Lightning II which intended to replace numerous tactical aircraft in the U.S., Canadian and British armed forces. The most persuasive demonstration of the X-35’s capability was the final qualifying JSF flight trials, in which the LM X-35B prototype aircraft took off in less than 500 feet, went supersonic, and landed vertically – a feat that Boeing’s entry was unable to match.

The Future of Air Travel – Boeing 797 or Hoax?

797The Boeing 797 is rumored to be a 1,000 passenger airplane with a blended wing and fuselage design. The 797 has been developed by Boeing in cooperation with NASA Langley Research Centre.  The radically new airliner will have a wing span of 265 feet and it designed to fit within the newly created Air Terminals for the 555 passenger Airbus A380 which is 262 feet wide.

The new design has several advantages – the most important being the lift to drag ratio which is expected to increase by 50%.  This will make the new jet an estimated 33% more fuel efficient than the A380.   The jet also has what is termed ‘high airframe rigidity’ which reduces turbulence and creates less stress on the airframe and also increases fuel efficiency.

The 797 is expected to have a 10,000 Mile range cruising at Mach 0.88 or 654 MPH.  No rollout date is yet set.

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Or is this a hoax?