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The San Antonio Raiders?

Last year, Mark Davis, Oakland Raiders owner and scion of Al Davis, visited San Antonio as a possible prelude to an unlikely move to the Alamo City.  It seemed like a mere tease to induce either Los Angeles or Las Vegas to come up with a plan (and a lot of dough) to move the Raiders out of Oakland to a more desirable location in the Pacific Time Zone.  But now, the Las Vegas plan is falling apart after loathsome billionaire Sheldon Adelson took his money and went home, Los Angeles already has a team (or two) and San Diego is unlikely to cough up money for the Raiders when it wouldn’t do so for the beloved Chargers.  Oakland isn’t coming up with $1.5 billion for a new facility, so what are the Raiders to do?

Maybe San Antonio is back on the table.  SA has always been a Cowboys town, so anything that will cut into the Cowboys’ fan base is all right with Red.  Red is admittedly a bit concerned about the emaciated walking ghost of Al Davis haunting the hallowed grounds of the Alamo or stirring up the placid waters of the River Walk – but some risks are worth taking to get another NFL team within easy driving distance.

If it Weren’t for Bad Luck . . .

Philip Panzica of Houston earned national notoriety after being arrested for allegedly having sex on the High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas six weeks ago.  Who knew that was illegal?  On Saturday, his streak of bad luck continued as he was gunned down in a carjacking at 5:15 am in southwest Houston.   According to KTRK, one of the carjackers told Panzica to “come clean” before killing the 27-year-old in front of his fiancé.  It is unknown if the carjackers knew about Panzica’s big wheel hanky-panky  with Chloe Scordianos of Long Island, NY which  happened on the day he was to marry Mistie Bozant who herself may have been pregnant with another man’s child.

The female witness to the shooting was described only as Panzica’s fiancée and it is unclear if she was the aforementioned Mistie Bozant.   What is known is that Panzica and his “fiancé” had just left the Houston topless bar where she works and that an argument broke out in Panzica’s car before the carjacking occurred.

Based on information from the fiancé and the description of the stolen car, police arrested  Bryant Watts and Arron Jones.  Watts allegedly confessed to killing Panzica and both men are now jailed on a capital murder charge.