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Today in Texas History – May 30

From the Annals of the NEOs – In 1961, a chondrite meteorite landed in the backyard of a man in Harleton  in Harrison County.   The 8.36 kilogram meteorite was recovered within thirty minutes from a reported depth of about two feet in soft sandy soil.  It was distributed among scientists for a careful study of a freshly fallen meteorite, especially with respect to cosmic-ray-induced effects.  Known as the Harleton Meteorite the specimen is housed in the collection of the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Today in Texas History – August 2

From the Annals of Space Objects –  In 1946, the Peña Blanca Spring meteorite plunged into a natural springs swimming pool at the headquarters of the Gage ranch in Brewster County in front of twenty-four witnesses – one of whom saw the meteorite in flight.  The meteorite was approximately 155 lbs and two major fragments were recovered from the pool – one weighing 104 lbs and another at 29 lbs.  The one eyewitness to the fall described the object as “looking like a black bag falling out of the sky.”  Local residents recovered part of the space rock, but the major recovery was done by O.E. Monnig and Harrison Morse of Fort Worth who were meteorite enthusiasts.  Five pieces of the PBS meteorite can be seen at the Monnig Meteorite Gallery at TCU in Fort Worth.