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Texas Rangers Investigating Sid Miller

The Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Rangers are now investigating Texas Agriculture Commissioner and Tea Party Hero Sid Miller of Stephenville.  The Rangers are investigating two trips Miller took to Oklahoma and Mississippi that were charged to the State but appear to have been for personal reasons.  Miller traveled to Oklahoma for a “Jesus Shot” from a discredited doctor and claimed he was traveling to meet Oklahoma officials.  The Oklahomans have repeatedly stated they knew nothing about Miller’s trip.  Miller also traveled to Mississippi to take part in the National Dixie Rodeo and did very well by all accounts.  Miller claimed that he intended to meet with “agricultural officials” there but when the meeting fell through he reimbursed the State.  Miller’s claim was contradicted by his communications director Lucy Nashed who claimed the trip was always personal and mistakenly booked as being for State business.  Nashed resigned this week saying there “was a tremendous lack of communiction” at the Agriculture Department.

Sid, a word of advice from Red, when your communications director is complaining about a lack of communication, you have a problem.  And Sid, you’re making it way too easy.

Photo of Sid “Cupcake” Miller from http://www.mysanantonio.com