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Quote for the Day

“Folks this is not a protest. It is a well orchestrated attack on America’s major cities with plans to attack the police, riot, loot, and burn buildings. The so-called ‘protestors’ are, in fact, domestic terrorists who were organized and paid for by George Soros to further divide our country. These terrorists were bused into these large cities. We must repel this attack and hold those responsible for their actions. This must be brought to a stop now or we will lose control of our country!”

Sid Miller – Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – this is a quote from an elected official.  At one point in our history  it would have been remarkable and noteworthy to have such a concoction of lies, slander, fear-mongering and utter stupidity put together all in one paragraph.  However, thanks to the Reality TV Show Joke of a President, such nonsense barely gets a mention.  But for all of you out there protesting, keep in mind what your elected GOP officials think of you.

Can Sid “Cupcake” Miller Possibly be as Stupid as he Appears?

So Sid manages to offend the depressed, suicide counselors, Pakistanis andpretty much anyone with a sense of decency all in one fell swoop.  You have to be a special kind of moron to do that – almost a moron savant it would seem.  Sid’s 10 gallon hat holds about a half-pint of brains and 9.9 gallons of excrement passing for cerebral matter (aka “shit for brains”).

Maybe Sid Will Get Story on Mississippi Trip Straight

Ah, who is Red kidding?  The Texas Tribune reports that Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid “Cupcake” Miller has come up with yet a third explanation for why his trip to participate in the Dixie National Rodeo in Mississippi was billed to the taxpayers.  First, we were told that Miller decided to set up a work meeting with Mississippi agriculture officials when he wasn’t roping calves, but those meetings fell through. Then, we were told the trip was intended to be personal in nature and was it was but a mere mistake to book it as a business trip.  Red knows you can hardly wait for the next iteration of the explanation for the perambulations of the good commissioner.

Miller has told the Tribune there was “absolutely no validity” to the complaints from liberal advocacy group Progress Texas that led to the Rangers investigation, calling them “harassment.” 

“There’s nothing absolutely illegal or wrong with either of those trips,” he said.

But on Thursday, Miller’s political consultant told the Tribune a new version of the Mississippi trip. He said it was always supposed to be a business trip to meet with Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith and that those meetings did occur, contrary to what his boss has previously said.

“I think there was some discrepancy about whether or not he had a meeting with her on that trip,” Smith said. “He met with her multiple times. He went to the rodeo with her.”

Tribune attempts to confirm whether Mississippi officials met with Miller have been unsuccessful.

As for Miller’s rodeo-ing while on a state-paid trip, Smith said there was nothing wrong with it and compared it to buying souvenirs while on a business trip.

“He can’t flip a switch and say, ‘I’m no longer the agriculture commissioner here, and I’m the agricultural commissioner now,’” Smith said.

Miller, who had hip surgery this week in Fort Worth, was not available for an interview. Last week, his staff said he was on medical leave. And the week before that, the Tribune was told the commissioner’s schedule was too full to allow one.

Red guesses that “Jesus Shot” thing didn’t work out exactly as planned if Miller needs hip surgery.  And if Red ever finds that switch, he damn sure is going to flip it.




Sid Miller Uses Tax Dollars to Promote – Wait for It – Sid Miller

Texas Politician Rips On Lawmakers With Passive-Aggressive Gas Pump Label

Red knows that many elected office holders will attempt to use their office to keep their name in front of the voters as much as possible and gratify their all-consuming egos.  You can’t go anywhere in Texas without finding a County Commissioner’s name on a sign within a half-mile.  But Agricultural Commissioner Sid “Cupcake” Miller is taking it to a higher level with his new stickers that every Texas gas station must place on fuel pumps.

The sticker is topped by Miller’s name in large print and then after a friendly “Howdy Neighbors!” (Red admires proper use of an exclamation point!), Sid goes on to disclaim responsibility for motor fuel taxes and make sure the driver knows that the dastardly U.S. Congress and Texas Legislature are to blame.

When asked why Miller’s name was so prominent on the new stickers, the Texas Agriculture deputy commissioner’s response was: “The individuals involved in the design are not currently in the office.”  If only the same could be said for Sid.


Texas Rangers Investigating Sid Miller

The Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Rangers are now investigating Texas Agriculture Commissioner and Tea Party Hero Sid Miller of Stephenville.  The Rangers are investigating two trips Miller took to Oklahoma and Mississippi that were charged to the State but appear to have been for personal reasons.  Miller traveled to Oklahoma for a “Jesus Shot” from a discredited doctor and claimed he was traveling to meet Oklahoma officials.  The Oklahomans have repeatedly stated they knew nothing about Miller’s trip.  Miller also traveled to Mississippi to take part in the National Dixie Rodeo and did very well by all accounts.  Miller claimed that he intended to meet with “agricultural officials” there but when the meeting fell through he reimbursed the State.  Miller’s claim was contradicted by his communications director Lucy Nashed who claimed the trip was always personal and mistakenly booked as being for State business.  Nashed resigned this week saying there “was a tremendous lack of communiction” at the Agriculture Department.

Sid, a word of advice from Red, when your communications director is complaining about a lack of communication, you have a problem.  And Sid, you’re making it way too easy.

Photo of Sid “Cupcake” Miller from http://www.mysanantonio.com


Sid Miller, Liar or Merely Easily Duped Moron?

Texas Agriculture Commissioner and Tea Party darling Sid Miller posted a photo on his Facebook page of President Barack Obama smiling, holding up a blue T-shirt with the face of Che Guevara.  Miller claimed that Obama was holding the shirt during his trip to Cuba this week.  The indignant Miller wrote:

President Obama refuses to return to the United States in order to meet with European leaders to discuss a response to today’s terror attacks in Brussels–attacks that severely injured a number of Americans. Instead, he remains in Cuba holding a shirt depicting the image of Che Guevara–one of the most reviled terrorists of the modern age–a murdering thug who was responsible for thousands of innocent deaths. President Obama is laughing at us. He understands the symbolism of this picture and yet he doesn’t care. I believe his actions are disgraceful. Do you agree?

Apparently, Miller is easily duped as the photo is from Obama’s 2009 visit to an MIT research lab and the image of Guevara was photo-shopped in.   Sid might have figured out that this shot probably wasn’t from the Cuba trip by looking at the English language sign in the background.  But that would have required some actual thought.

Sid needs to stop posting stupid crap on Facebook and consider doing the job he was elected to do.

Dietary Advice from Chris Christie?

Chris Christie has come down on the side of the fifth graders on the critical issue of school lunches.  At a recent event, Jacob Royal, an Omaha fifth-grader and aspiring politician asked the New Jersey Governor, “What are you going to do about the lunches? They were fine when Mrs. Bush was the first lady, but now that Mrs. Obama is the first lady, they have gone down.”

Christie’s reply, “I don’t care what you’re eating for lunch every day. I really don’t.  If I’m president, back to whatever you want to eat.”

Bring on the hot dogs, French fries and soda – and throw in a couple of donuts for good measure.

Somewhere Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is smiling.



Dipped, Battered, Fried, Re-dipped, Battered, Re-Fried, Coated with Sugar and Dipped in Chocolate

KSWO in Wichita Falls  reports on the finalists for the new food to showcased at the Texas State Fair in October.  And as a big surprise, various fried delicacies are included.  The winners will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges in a cook off on August 30.

The . . . finalist foods include fried cowboy corn crunch, with sweet corn, jalapeno, cream cheese and a hint of smoky bacon.

Fernie’s holy moly carrot cake roly has carrot cake coated with cream cheese.

The Lone star pork handle includes a marinated chop, dipped in batter and deep fried.

Pretzel-crusted pollo queso features shredded chicken, cheese and bacon rolled into a ball, crusted with pretzel breading and fried.

The smoky bacon margarita – is self-explanatory.

Somewhere Sid Miller is smiling.

Sid Miller Formulates Foreign Policy

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is wandering far afield during his current junket to China.  Miller is supposed to be promoting Texas agricultural products, but took time out to share the following post on Facebook.

Sid Miller's Sunday night Facebook post.

So we now have an Agriculture Commissioner who is in favor of nuclear war with the “Muslim World.”  That’s over one billion people at last count.  That’s a lot of bombs.  Sid, when we want your opinion on foreign policy matters, we will ask for it.  Don’t hold your breath.