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Red is Back

Just in case you were wondering, Red has been visiting our former imperial masters to the South now know as Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos or Mexico.  He was down south for a week with Mrs. Red enjoying some mescal, sopa de tortilla and chiles in nogado.  And although the trip was bigly fun, when Red gets back to Texas the first thing he wants is an ice-cold glass of good ol’ American water.  After drinking cool to luke warm agua mineral (con gas) for a week, there’s nothing like the refreshing taste of your local water – unless you live in Odessa.  In that case, go get an Ozarka or a cold Lone Star if you are so inclined (and you better be half inclined to guzzle down some Lone Star).

All the Mexico ignoramuses were amazed that Red came back with all body parts intact and that they didn’t receive any ransom demands last week.  The average American’s view of Mexico is remarkably uninformed.  Years ago when talking with one of Red’s friends about driving down to Zacatecas, Red’s buddy seemed amazed that you could actually drive in Mexico.  “Do they have cars?”, he asked.  “Only about 35,000,000 of ’em”, Red replied. And at one point on this trip, Red was convinced that every last one of them was out on the streets of Mexico City, DF.

Red will be blogging about the trip over the next few days, so stay tuned.  Until then, Adios Amigos.