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Today in Texas History – June 16

La Reunion August 2010 #1 photo DSC01820.jpg

From the Annals of the Utopians –  In 1855, 200 or so French, Belgian and Swiss immigrants arrived at La Réunion. The colony was located on the south bank of the Trinity River in Dallas County and was planned as a utopian socialist community. Victor Prosper Considerant was the founder of the colony and a French democratic socialist who directed an international movement based on Fourierism, a set of economic, political, and social beliefs advocated by French philosopher  François Marie Charles Fourier.  La Réunion was short-lived and disbanded due to financial troubles, bad weather, failed crops and rising costs.  On January 28, 1857, Allyre Bureau, one of the society leaders, gave formal notice of the colony’s dissolution.  By 1860, the site was incorporated into Dallas.  The colony’s name survives in the Reunion District of Dallas highlighted by the Reunion Tower.

Photo from texasghostowns.blogspot.com