Texas Sinking

Red actually tried to watch an episode of Texas Rising the other night.  There is a fine line between just plain awful and god-awful.  Texas Rising isn’t even close to the border.  It was without a doubt the worst thing Red has tried to watch in quite some time.  Since Red knows his Texas history pretty darn well, it didn’t really matter that he jumped in on the episode retelling the story of the massacre at LaBahia.  Red could probably deal with the completely inaccurate geographical depiction of the events (still looking for those mountains near Goliad) and even some messing around with the actual historical events, but what cannot be overlooked is the completely wooden acting, the lame dialogue, the turning of interesting historic personages into absurd caricatures, and the complete lack of a coherent narrative.  Red made it through about 40 minutes before calling it quits.  The early bad reviews of this series gave it too much credit.  Seldom has there been anything less worth watching than Texas Rising.

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