Jade Helm 15 Update, Cont.

Well Red was down in Old Mexico (as Red, Sr. used to call it) this week.  Flying in a  Bombadier (why on God’s green earth are US airlines flying French planes much less one with the word “Bomb” in it is beyond Red), Red was unable to discern any notable change in regions of South Texas (one of the last bastions of the Lone Star Democrats) from 30,000 feet.  So apparently not only are the jack-booted thugs of the Feds reasonably sneaky, they are good at camouflage (a word Red always thought sounded suspiciously French) as well.   And while in Mexico, Red failed to see any hordes of illegal (or soon to be illegal) immigrants rushing to the Rio Grande.  In fact, everyone looked pretty damn occupied going about their business – which of course only made Red more suspicious.  But the illegals (thinking back to Red, Sr. again, Red wonders exactly what he would now call them since other terms have disappeared from the common parlance) are probably getting some training from the aforementioned JBT’s who may be using them to divert our attention away from the bigger issues of Obama coming in to round up our women, children and most importantly guns under the guise of a “Training Exercise.”  Anyhow, Red will stay closer to home this weekend and keep his ear to the ground while reaching for the stars (thank you Casey Kasem).

Vigilantly yours,



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