The UK’s Brexit vote is stoking the fires of secession in Texas and making Red think seriously about relocating Paradise in Hell to New Mexico.  The one salvation may be a Trump victory in November.  Trump claims that if he became president, Texas would never secede “because Texas loves me.”  Yep, they loved him so much that they gave Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) a resounding victory in the GOP primary in March and kept the Cubo-Canadian’s campaign afloat for another couple of months.

Well, if Texas secedes, Red will probably not head west.  He will maintain the fight for truth, freedom and the American  –  errr  – make that Texas way of life.  You can’t let the Tea Party run everything.

Nonetheless, Brexit has secession fever running high in Texas with new claims about how great, free and successful an independent Texas would be.  Larry Secede Kilgore, a leading secession proponent has been quoted by the New York Times as saying:

“I think the people of Texas will look at that and say: ‘Man, we can have freedom; we can make our own decisions. We don’t have to have the U.S. empire tell us what to do.’ ”

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