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Today in Texas History – January 29

From the Annals of Bad Decisions –  In 1861, the Texas State Secession Convention  voted overwhelmingly to secede from the United States following the lead of several other southern states.  Rather than concede that Republican Abraham Lincoln had been duly elected, the Southern states chose to secede precipitating what would be the worst tragedy in U.S. history.  As Red has noted many times, the Texas Ordinance of Secession is one of the most vile, racists screeds that an organized governmental body has ever produced.  The Ordinance of Secession was subject to a popular referendum to which was held on February 23, 1861. The vote was 46,153 in favor of secession and 14,747 against.

What do Texas and France have in common?

It’s actually less than Red might have guessed.  Apparently, only about 25-30% of the French (right at 35% of the 75% or so who voted) were actually willing to vote to return to the good old days of racist xenophobia, closing of borders, insularity and withdrawal from the larger economic world.  Well, that’s France’s loss.  But could it turn into a gain for Texas?

Red estimates that in Texas, Marine Le Pen would have gotten well over 50% of the vote based on her platform designed to appeal to the far right.   A weenified and elitist proto-liberal banker and economic policy wonk who is married to a much older woman would have a tough time cracking 35% in deep Red Texas.  She would have stomped Macron in Texas.  He wouldn’t know what hit him – only that it hurt.

So MLP, here’s the deal.  You want to actually get elected to something?  Red has it all worked out for you.  As Red sees it, yYou’re still relatively young and pretty good-looking and have a view that the majority of Texans just might take a cotton to (you would need to learn what that means – but Red is ready to help you).   Give up on France, move to Fort Worth, work on your drawl, get some blue jeans and cowboy boots,  get naturalized and in 5 years run for Governor on a secure the borders (by that Red means those with New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana) and secessionist platform.  You might just pull it off.  Red guaran-damn-ties you that you will pull in more than 35%.

YES! la Texas


The UK’s Brexit vote is stoking the fires of secession in Texas and making Red think seriously about relocating Paradise in Hell to New Mexico.  The one salvation may be a Trump victory in November.  Trump claims that if he became president, Texas would never secede “because Texas loves me.”  Yep, they loved him so much that they gave Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) a resounding victory in the GOP primary in March and kept the Cubo-Canadian’s campaign afloat for another couple of months.

Well, if Texas secedes, Red will probably not head west.  He will maintain the fight for truth, freedom and the American  –  errr  – make that Texas way of life.  You can’t let the Tea Party run everything.

Nonetheless, Brexit has secession fever running high in Texas with new claims about how great, free and successful an independent Texas would be.  Larry Secede Kilgore, a leading secession proponent has been quoted by the New York Times as saying:

“I think the people of Texas will look at that and say: ‘Man, we can have freedom; we can make our own decisions. We don’t have to have the U.S. empire tell us what to do.’ ”

Texas Secessionists on 21 City Tour

The Texas Nationalist Movement has launched a 21 city tour in an attempt to convince Texans to put a secessionist question on the ballot.  KXAN reports on the meeting held in Austin.  TNM seeks to have a non-binding referendum put on the 2016 ballot.

Texans are tired of answering to bureaucrats in D.C. they didn’t elect and having to deal with policies they don’t want,” said TNM President Dan Miller.

Miller spoke to a room full of enthusiasts. Longtime Texans like Joe Glass. “We live with a lawless government,” he said. “The constitution was written to provide freedom to people and constrain government and now we live in a country where the government does whatever it wants to.”

Recent transplants to the Texas way also attended. Carmen Rao moved here from New Jersey. “I like the right to self determine, I think that’s important, free spirit and independence. That’s why I moved here.”

“Now there’s a state killed by regulation and bad decisions by politicians,” said Paul Jones, who moved here from Michigan. “I don’t dislike Michigan but I have to feed my family and I think a lot of people around the United States feel the same way.”

Somewhere, Vladimir Putin is smiling.

Today in Texas History – July 8

From the Annals of the Vigilantes –  In 1860, fires broke out in North Texas destroying parts of Dallas, Pilot Point and Denton. The most serious fire destroyed downtown Dallas – then a small town.  More than half of the town square in Denton burned, and fire razed a store in Pilot Point.  The likely cause of the fires was a combination of the exceedingly hot summer (with temperatures in the 100’s) and the introduction of new and volatile phosphorous matches.  Citizens of Denton were apparently satisfied with that explanation.  In Dallas, however, radical white leaders had to find a villain.  Charles R. Pryor of the Dallas Herald blamed the assault on an abolitionist plot “to devastate, with fire and assassination, the whole of Northern Texas.”  Stirred up by Pryor’s irresponsible reporting and speculation, several communities and counties throughout North and East Texas established vigilance committees to root out and punish the alleged conspirators. By the time the vigilantes were through, between thirty and 100 blacks and whites had been killed or lynched by mobs.  The Panic of 1860 or the  “Texas Troubles” as dubbed by the press was one more straw on the back of the camel that led to Texas’s secession from the Union.