Congratulations to Donald Trump

Red is nothing if not magnanimous in defeat.  Trump has called for the nation to come together and heal its wounds.  Red cannot wait to see how the nation comes together around and drinks the healing potion peddled by a sociopathic, egomaniacal con man.   Red is looking forward to seeing 12 million men, women and children escorted out of our country, to the construction of a beautiful 2000 mile wall (paid for by Mexico), to the insurance companies being back in sole control of our health care system, to Hillary Clinton wearing prison stripes, to a beautiful partnership with the Russian dictator Putin, to the miraculous  resurgence of African-American neighborhoods, to the rebuilding of the middle class through tax increases on them and massive tax cuts for the upper class, to the criminalization of abortion, to the end of same-sex marriage, to stop and frisk on every street, to the invasion of Syria and Iran, to the end of dangerous well-vetted refugees invading our country, to the Trump name being prominently displayed on the White House, to judges who will turn back the clock to the 18th Century, and to God only knows what else.  Maybe Red aint so magnanimous after all.


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