Who are you going to believe – Trump or your lying eyes?

Trump and his press secretary Sean Spicer both made claims that Friday’s  inauguration was attended and viewed by more folks than any event since – well any event ever.  Red for one believes them.  Those vast empty spaces in the aerial shots from the Trump Washington Monument of the Trump National Mall (bordered by Trump Ave North and Trump Ave South) looking towards the Trump Capitol Building were clearly fabricated by the dishonest members of the disgusting national media (or disgusting members of the dishonest national media if you favor that iteration) who are hell bent on destroying the Trump administration before it self-implodes.

Not only was the crowd enormous, the TV numbers clearly do not reflect the vast numbers of folks  who belatedly switched over from Hogan’s Heroes reruns to catch Trump deliver his moving and spirited inaugural address accurately describing the United States as an utter and total hellhole to be saved only by the magic elixir of trade wars, military spending and continual patriotic repetition of the Trump Pledge of Allegiance (formerly to the flag).

Trump clarified the mendacity of the malignant and cancerous media during his speech at the Trump CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA on Saturday.  In front of the Trump Memorial Wall of CIA Heroes, the new chief executive pointed directly at the leprous media members in the back of the room while excoriating them for underreporting the size of the crowd at his inauguration.  The crowd which Trump advisors estimate to have numbered about 17,535,000 was woefully underreported as being no more than maybe 400,000 by the aforementioned smelly and rat-infested national media.  Members of the Trump CIA in the audience cheered, stormed the dais and carried Trump off on their shoulders in triumph.

Back at the Trump White House Plaza Suites (Deluxe Trump Lincoln Bedroom Suite now available for a mere $275,000 per night – two night minimum  with continental breakfast included), press secretary Sean Spicer came out for an extended period of two minutes to excoriate (get used to lots of excoriation) the sinful and unrepentant Trump White House press corps for their vicious lies about the size of the inaugural crowd in attendance.  According to Spicer, the crowd was bigger than any crowd ever attending any inaugural and its TV ratings dwarfed the Superb Owl.  Wisely refusing to take any questions from the correspondents present (all with oozing open sores), Spicer quickly retreated.

That was followed  on Sunday morning by Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, who when confronted with an allegation from escaped convict Chuck Todd of NBC, told him off with a quick “Neener Neener” and pointed out that S. Spicer had not in fact lied but was merely presenting “alternative facts.”   Ms. Conway set the stage for the Trump playbook for dealing with the rapists and serial killers comprising the vast majority of the mainstream media (Fox News excepted of course). If your regular facts just aren’t standing up to mild scrutiny, then whip out your aerosol can of “alternative facts”, spray liberally on the lice-infested and vile national media members and watch those “alternative facts” go to work.  Red for one digs that scrubbing action.

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