How Low Can He Go (cont.)?

Donald Trump continues to violate the first rule of holes – stop digging!  The latest Quinnipiac University Poll has Trump at a near record low 36% approval rating with 58% of the sample disapproving of the neophyte President.  That news would be bad enough to cause most rational folks to look for the nearest life preserver.  Not Trump, who seems to be in complete denial that a sizeable majority of the country pretty much hates him.

Instead, Trump is reported to be addicted to watching cable news where he is getting his head bashed in everywhere except at Fox News – which seems determined to either  go down with ship (guns blazing) or hopefully be the hero if Trump somehow manages to turn this around (neener-neener).  Red has a pretty thick skin, but a steady diet of really smart people talking all day about what a scuzbag he is probably would wear pretty thin within a couple of weeks.  Trump is looking at another 3.75 years of that.

And unfortunately for the Donald, the unfavorable rating is only the tip of the iceberg of loathing and distrust that America has for him.

61 – 33 percent that he is not honest (who are these 33%?);

56 – 41 percent that he does not have good leadership skills (oh, come on!);

59 – 38 percent that he does not care about average Americans (it would help if he actually knew any);

66 – 29 percent that he is not level-headed (again, it’s the hair to blame);

62 – 35 percent that he is a strong person (can lift twice his weight in Pro-V1’s when the Viagra kicks in);

56 – 41 percent that he is intelligent (crazy like Fox News);

64 – 32 percent that he does not share their values (honesty, loyalty and integrity are so overrated).

Most shockingly, Trump has done what Red thought was impossible.  By a margin of 57-31 percent, Americans trust the media more than Trump to tell the truth about the issues.  Yes, Trump has made the media popular again.  Who says the first 100+ days have been a complete failure?




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