Trump’s Mika Brzezinski Rant (cont.)

Before the iPhone was yanked from his hands, Pres. Trump was in the middle of several more Tweets about Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.  Red has the exclusive on the other righteous invective Trump was getting ready to hurl:

And what about crazy Mika’s hair?  Can you say “bottle blond”?  No one gets to bleach their hair like that except Ivanka – who looks marvelous by the way.  Kellyanne – not so much.  #onlyherhairdresserknows

What kind of name is Brzezenski – it reeks of “Commie” to me.   Have you paid your respects to Lenin – Comrade Mika? #leftwingcommiestooges

I almost feel sorry for Joe being engaged to that bee-yatch.  But I hear he likes the “Pussy Whip” on his pie.  Sad! #grabitbeforeitwhipsyou




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