Red’s NFL Rankings 2020 – Week 8

Red doesn’t anticipate accomplishing much today. The least he can do is update his readers on the state of the NFL and the halfway mark (more or less).

Red’s Top Ten

  1. Pittsburgh Stealers. Red called for the mild upset last week but the Ravens (and especially Lamar Jackson) underperformed. The Stealers continue to roll and will likely secure a playoff spot in another 3 weeks.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs playing against the Jets defense this week was like having Real Madrid play the last place team in MLS. The Chiefs have a couple of tests against NFC competition (Buccaneers and Saints) still remaining. Red doesn’t think there is an AFC team left on the schedule that can beat them.
  3. Seattle Seahawks. They need defensive help. Today is the day to go get JJ Watt for the stretch drive in the brutal NFC West.
  4. Baltimore Ravens. They have lost to the Chiefs and the Stealers and beaten up mostly the 95 lb weaklings of the league. The next 4 weeks will tell if the Ravens are real. If they go 3-1 against the Colts, Pats, Titans and Stealers they will be in great shape with a relatively easy schedule after that.
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Eking out a win over the Giants isn’t impressing Red. Let’s see how they do against the Rams, Saints and Chiefs over the next month.
  6. Arizona Cardinals. Red believes even if many do not. This is the one team Red wishes he could see in person this year.
  7. Buffalo Bills. The Bills have bounced back from two losses in a row to eke out wins over the Jets and Patriots. That has righted the ship for now. They are going to need the bye week after facing the Seahawks and Cardinals.
  8. Green Bay Packers. Still relevant after all these years, but losing to the Vikings has Red wondering. The two remaining games against the Bears loom large.
  9. Cleveland Browns. They are inconsistent but have a clear path to a 5-3 finish thanks to games against the basement of the AFC South (Texans and Jags) and other dregs of the league.
  10. New Orleans Saints. They look ragged and Drew Brees looks tired and old and his stats show it. But somehow they keep winning. If they beat the Bucs Sunday they are in the driver’s seat.

Playoff Contenders

All of the above 10 should make the playoffs barring injury or a shutdown of the season. But the expanded playoffs have kept a lot of other teams in the mix. In the AFC, the Colts and Titans are likely to make it. The Raiders, Dolphins and Broncos still have a shot. In the NFC, the Rams have the clearest path despite being in the brutal West. The Bears are just behind and the Eagles probably get in by default. But in the pathetic excuse for a professional football division that is the NFC East even the Cowboys and Football Team have a shot.

The Little Sisters of the Poor

  1. New Jersey Jets. Red gave them last week off, but really?
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars. The Gardner Minshew Era appears to be coming to a close. Is anyone surprised?
  3. Houston Texans. Red is actually picking the Texans to go 5-4 the rest of the way. Please note that Red is usually wrong about such things.
  4. Dallas Cowboys. Red sees at least 5 more losses for the mess from the Metroplex. If you are at all squeamish please avoid watching the game against the Stealers this week.
  5. Atlanta Falcons. Underperforming like no other team in the league – well, except maybe for the Cowboys.

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