Trump’s Real Wall is not on the Mexican Border

White House builds massive 'anti-climb' wall following protests - Business  Insider

The Reality TV Show Joke of a President has had very little success in constructing actual new miles of the “Beautiful Wall” along the US-Mexico border. It turns out that Mexico was never going to pay for it and that neither would the U.S. Congress provide the massive amount of funds needed. Notably, any mention of the “Wall” or the payment for same has been missing from Trump’s recent campaign ranting. A major plank of his 2016 campaign has almost completely and curiously disappeared. Trump’s tried and unfortunately true formula is this: When you have failed at something you repeatedly promised to do simply ignore it or alternatively, as in the case of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, just lie through your teeth about your non-existent success.

Instead, Trump has now directed his wall-building efforts at fortifying the White House compound and in that regard has ordered the construction of a “non-scalable” fence around the White House, the Ellipse and Lafayette Park. It’s quite an image for the rest of the world to see and absorb. These would not appear to be the actions of a person who intends to leave the White House anytime soon regardless of the results of the election.

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