Red’s 2022 Weekly NFL Roundup – Week 8

Red will be out of pocket for the next couple of weeks, so loyal readers may have to wait until Week 10 to partake from the weekly fountain of wisdom from Paradise in Hell.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are number one until someone beats them and then maybe even after that.
  2. Buffalo Bills – The Bills are probably the best team going. But see the Eagles.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – Coming off the bye week they face this generation’s best running back in Derrick Henry – who single-handedly (or footedly) carried the Titans to victory last week.
  4. Minnesota Vikings – Continuing to romp through the weakened NFC North. After the Commanders this week, however, things are going to get tougher.
  5. Tennessee Titans – Something very strange would have to happen for the Titans to lose the AFC South.
  6. Dallas Cowboys – Can they beat the Eagles? Or any good team for that matter?
  7. Miami Dolphins – Tua is healthy and impressive. A tough out for any team.
  8. Baltimore Ravens – After some stumbles, the Ravens seem pointed in the right direction after dismantling the Buccaneers.
  9. Seattle Seahawks – If you had the Seahawks to be on top of the NFC West at this point in the season, please send Red your stock picks.
  10. New York Giants – Red chalks up the loss to the Seahawks to the triple-reverse time zone hex, but this team needs to snap back quickly. A bye week and then the Texans and Lions should be a cure for whatever ails you.
  11. New York Jets – Still hanging around but could go 3-6 to close the season.
  12. New England Patriots – Just when you were ready to call Bellicheat down for the count . .
  13. Atlanta Falcons – With a relatively weak remaining schedule a 6-3 finish is not out of the question and neither are the playoffs.
  14. Los Angeles Chargers – Unleash Justin Herbert!!!!
  15. San Francisco 49ers – If they play like they did against the Rams they could win the NFC West. But they may have to beat the Seahawks twice. Good luck with that.
  16. Washington Commanders – This may be is as good as it gets but it’s way better than anyone predicted so far.
  17. Cleveland Browns – Nick Chubb saved the season last night. Maybe D. Watson can get them into the playoffs.
  18. Cincinnati Bengals – The hardest team to figure in the league right now.
  19. New Orleans Saints – Beating up a bad Raiders team is a step in the right direction.
  20. Los Angeles Rams – We’ve got trouble, right here in the City of Angels and that starts with T and that rhymes with C and that stands for Superb Owl Curse.
  21. Indianapolis Colts – Apparently, Matty Ice was not the problem.
  22. Green Bay Packers – Failing in all aspects of the game right now.
  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brady looks tired and old but don’t count him out just yet.
  24. Denver Broncos – Topping the “Who Gives a Shit” List this week.
  25. Chicago Bears – Staying in games for a half isn’t good enough.
  26. Arizona Cardinals – Last chance to save the season against the Seahawks this week.
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence, let me introduce you to Mr. David Carr.
  28. Pittsburgh Stealers – Ugh!
  29. Carolina Panthers – Double Ugh!
  30. Las Vegas Raiders – Still the biggest disappointment of the season.
  31. Houston Texans – Dameon Pierce is making a case for Offensive Rookie of the Year – a bright spot in another dismal season.
  32. Detroit Lions – The Lions have taken their rightful place in the cellar at last.

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