Red’s 2022 NFL Weekly Roundup – Week 15

Red played golf on Sunday rather than watch what seemed to be a rather mediocre line-up of games. When a Dolphins-Chargers game is the marquee match-up, it’s time to get out the sticks and get some fresh air. Read on.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – Still appear to be the class of the league after dismembering the fading Giants.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs – A bit creaky in a close win over a bad Broncos team. Three INTs from Mahomes almost cost them a win.
  3. Buffalo Bills – It’s a toss-up for the best team in the AFC right now.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals are playing as good as any team right now. 7-1 over the last 8 games.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – Brock Purdy leads absolute beat down of the Buccaneers. Is Mr. Irrelevant the real deal? He has a chance to prove it with 4 more winnable games and a chance at No. 1 seed in NFC.
  6. Dallas Cowboys – Still on track for the No. 1 seed, but a last minute drive to beat the hapless Texans is not a good sign. Cowboys are going to have to win it on the road with only an Eagles home game left.
  7. Baltimore Ravens – The Birds need to win the next three because they aint beating the Bengals in Cincy to close out the regular season.
  8. Minnesota Vikings – Looking more and more like pretenders – not contenders.
  9. Miami Dolphins – The aquatic mammals are the only 8-5 team in the league. That alone gets them in Red’s top ten.
  10. Seattle Seahawks – It’s gut check time for the Falconos Marinos with games against the Niners and Chiefs up next. Two wins and they will probably be in as a Wildcard.
  11. Washington Commanders – Are in Red’s top ten. The end times are near.
  12. New York Giants – Staggering around looking for a place to fall after getting thrashed by Eagles.
  13. New York Jets – Will have to trip over the Giants to find their place on the ground. Scored an impressive 5 points in the 4th quarter of a winnable game against the underperforming Bills.
  14. Tennessee Titans – Will they hoist another NFC South Champions banner? Does anyone care?
  15. Los Angeles Chargers – The Chargers and every team listed above could make the playoffs. How sad is that?
  16. Detroit Lions – Red’s 2022 NFL Team of Destiny have scored more than 30 points six times this season. If the defense ever shows up . . .
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Right now an 8-9 finish looks like a big ask.
  18. New England Patriots – The only 6-6 team looks to be going nowhere fast as the season closes with the Bengals, Dolphins and Bills.
  19. Atlanta Falcons – Which shitty team heads the list of teams all but out of it? Why the Falcons of course.
  20. Carolina Panthers – Red puts them here just to insult the Packers.
  21. Green Bay Packers – Have packed it in.
  22. Cleveland Browns – Will have to wait 3 years to play the Texans again.
  23. Pittsburgh Stealers – A missed FG away from beating the Ravens.
  24. Jacksonville Jaguars – After beating the Titans , the Jags are still – incredibly- in the hunt for the AFC South Crown (curiously shaped like a dunce cap). If they beat the Cowboys next week all bets are off.
  25. New Orleans Saints – Are nothing if not boring.
  26. Denver Broncos – Are boring.
  27. Arizona Cardinals – You heard it here first – Kliff Kingsbury to Jackson State. Let’s hope his middle name doesn’t start with K.
  28. Los Angeles Rams – Beating the Raiders is but a rung on the long ladder back to relevancy.
  29. Las Vegas Raiders – Do they have slot machines at home games?
  30. Chicago Bears – Red is starting wonder if the Bears are in for a long haul of sucking.
  31. Indianapolis Colts – It is with great satisfaction that Red ranks the Colts at No. 31.
  32. Houston Texans -Beating the Cowboys would have been sweet.

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