Red’s Weekly 2022 NFL Roundup – Week 16

After the Argentina-France barn-burner Sunday morning, Red had pretty much had his fill of sports excitement for the day. Red did tune in just in time to see the latest version of Tom Brady sucking – so it was a good day. For the rest of the season, Red will be providing a bit more commentary for each team – time permitting.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – WIth Jalen Hurts out can Gardner Minshew aka Leroy the Redneck Reindeer step up for a week or two and keep the Eagles run of excellence alive? The 2019 version of Minshew would have made him an all-pro in the 70’s.
  2. Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen is making a case for MVP and with Hurts hurt he just might get it. It’s a tough road to the Superb Owl if it leads through Orchard Park in January.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs are barely beating bad teams. That is not a good look in mid-December.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals – Still the hottest team in the AFC and reaching for the top seed if they can hang on the next couple of weeks with some key defenders out. A show down against Buffalo looms on Jan. 2. That is must-see TV.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – Red will be seasoning his crow with thyme and lemon if the Niners keep it together for another 3 weeks.
  6. Minnesota Vikings – Rallying back from 33 down is impressive even if it was against the Colts. That kind of game can turn a season around.
  7. Baltimore Ravens – The NFL called – it’s looking for the Ravens’ offense.
  8. Los Angeles Chargers – The Chargers get the 8 spot based on their relatively easy remaining schedule. If they can’t beat the Raiders, Colts and Broncos to close it out then they deserve to be sitting at home in January.
  9. Dallas Cowboys – The Pokes have looked bad two weeks in a row against inferior competition. The annual Cowboys December Swoon looks like a real possibility if they can’t find a way to beat the Eagles on Sunday.
  10. New York Giants – The Giants are back from the dead after beating the Commandos. However, remaining games against the Vikings and Eagles could return them to the morgue.
  11. Miami Dolphins – Speaking of morgues – the Dolphins are the team most currently staggering around looking for a place to fall after three straight losses. An absolute must win game against the Packers this week.
  12. Tennessee Titans – It pains Red to have put the Titans anywhere near the top half of the league. Fortunately a game against the Texans is a tonic for what ails you. It still looks like a showdown on Week 18 against the Jags for the faded crown of the AFC South.
  13. Washington Commanders – Losing to the previously staggering around Giants could be the death knell for playoff hopes. Some team will probably beat the Niners down the stretch – but it won’t be this one.
  14. Detroit Lions – Red’s 2022 NFL Team of Destiny has three very winnable games against the Panthers, Bears and Packers.
  15. Seattle Seahawks – After two straight losses and with KC looming on the horizon this is probably the high point for the Seahawks from here in.
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars – It is nice to have your fate in your own hands. Win 3 and the Jags are in the playoffs.
  17. New York Jets – It was fun while it lasted.
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – On track to be the worst team to make the playoffs since the 2018 Texans.
  19. Las Vegas Raiders – The wildest victory of the year has kept Raiders’ hopes alive.
  20. New England Patriots – The wildest loss of the year has kept Bellicheat’s cardiologist in business.
  21. Green Bay Packers – Yes, the Packers can still make the playoffs. No the Packers won’t make the playoffs.
  22. Cleveland Browns – The second best 6-8 team in the league. Big Whoop!
  23. Atlanta Falcons – Mariota is done, but the Falcons aren’t quite yet. The NFC South is totally up for grabs.
  24. New Orleans Saints – The NFC South is totally up for grabs.
  25. Carolina Panthers – The NFC South is totally up for grabs. Are you sensing a trend here?
  26. Pittsburgh Stealers – The Steal Crew is not going down without a fight, but it is going down.
  27. Arizona Cardinals – The most under-achieving team in the league this season, last season and probably next season.
  28. Chicago Bears – Bad news doesn’t begin to describe this season.
  29. Los Angeles Rams – It will be a very long road back to relevancy.
  30. Denver Broncos – Will need a road map to even find the road back to relevancy.
  31. Houston Texans – Showing signs of life in taking the Cowboys and Chiefs down to the wire in consecutive weeks. Red predicts a couple of wins to close out the season and still not spoil the No. 1 draft spot.
  32. Indianapolis Colts – Any time you blow a 33 point lead, Red is going to rank you dead last.

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