Red’s Weekly 2022 NFL Roundup – Week 17

Calling it a “Weekly” Roundup is a bit misleading because Red has missed a few weeks here and there – try last week for example. But loyal readers should not be too distressed as they were likely distracted by the many intriguing match-ups. Not to mention a couple of real barn burners in the College Football playoffs that Red also forgot to predict (TCU and OSU would have been the choices- but Red digresses). Overall it was a strange week ending on a hopefully not tragic note with the Bills- Bengals game suspended/postponed after Damar Hamlin was critically injured. It’s a violent game and basically our form of modern day gladiation but no one should lose their life for our entertainment. Let’s hope DH pulls through. The unusual situation does make this week’s ratings at least somewhat tenuous.

  1. Buffalo Bills – Who is to say that the Bills are not the best team in the league with the continuing struggle of the Eagles missing Jalen Hurts? Certainly not Red.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals – Playing better than any team over the last half of the season. They have everything needed for another deep playoff run.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – Chiefs are continuing to eke out wins over inferior competition. That will not get it done in the playoffs.
  4. Philadelphia Eagles – Unless Hurts is back this week, the seemingly secure No. 1 seed and NFC East division crown are up for grabs.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – Can they continue their unbelievable run after losing their top two quarterbacks? It appears so.
  6. Dallas Cowboys – An impressive regular season. Will the playoff woes continue?
  7. Los Angeles Chargers – Finally playing up to their potential but are still pretty clearly the 4th best team in the AFC. Of course, people thought that or worse about the Bengals last season.
  8. Baltimore Ravens – Another team that needs their leader back on the field. The Ravens could surprise a lot of folks if Lamar Jackson is back for the playoffs.
  9. Minnesota Vikings – Could be the worst 12-4 team in the history of the NFL.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars in the top ten? Well it’s because with a win they are in.
  11. New York Giants – The Giants are in the playoffs. The Giants are in the playoffs. The Giants are in the playoffs. Sorry no pennant.
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The reports of Tom Brady’s football death have been greatly exaggerated. Red is utterly ambivalent about a Bucs-Cowboys playoff match up.
  13. New England Patriots – Not striking fear into the hearts of anyone? Be fearless at your peril in the playoffs (assuming that happens)
  14. Detroit Lions – Red’s 2022 NFL Team of Destiny needs some serious help to make the playoffs. The Lions should beat the Bears, but also need the Seahawks to lose to the Rams (unlikely) and the Packers to lose to the Vikings who have nothing to play for it would seem.
  15. Seattle Seahawks – Unlike the Lions, the Seahawks control their destiny and have a very winnable game against a crippled opponent.
  16. Green Bay Packers – That the Packers have a shot at the playoffs is kind of amazing after such a turbulent season. Red doesn’t buy it.
  17. Miami Dolphins – Seem to have been following the path of Tesla stock. Can they knock off the Patriots and end Bellicheat’s dream?
  18. Pittsburgh Stealers – Yet another team that Red cannot believe still has playoff aspirations – however faint.
  19. Tennessee Titans – Clinging to the thinnest thread of playoff hopes. Who is going all in on the Titans beating the Cowboys and the Jaguars losing to the Texans? Red thought so.
  20. New York Jets – Well it was fun while it lasted. Congratulations on being the best team to be eliminated as of Week 17.
  21. Washington Commanders – The sad losing legacy of Carson Wentz continues. But don’t feel too bad, he will probably be around for another 6 years as a backup quarterback that everyone hopes never plays again.
  22. New Orleans Saints – It’s not quite time to break out the paper sacks yet. But keep ’em handy.
  23. Cleveland Browns – Another season, another failure, another excuse.
  24. Carolina Panthers – It’s hard to see a path back to success for this floundering franchise.
  25. Atlanta Falcons – Newsflash – Marcus Mariota is done.
  26. Las Vegas Raiders – Newsflash – Derek Carr is done in the desert. Is Carolina stupid enough to pick him up?
  27. Los Angeles Rams – The Superb Owl curse is real, but probably worth it.
  28. Denver Broncos – They gambled, they lost. Time to pick up the pieces.
  29. Chicago Bears – Should not be this bad.
  30. Indianapolis Colts – Every move they made this season was wrong. Every last one.
  31. Arizona Cardinals – The new Chargers when it comes to disappointment. JJ Watt will never win a championship which is a bit sad.
  32. Houston Texans – Will Texans blow the No. 1 pick again?


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